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Helping the Community

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Are you a community organisation and need help making a presence online? Please get in touch and we may be able to help with subsidised web design and hosting packages.

Non-profits and Charities may be able to get online for FREE!

To find out what we can do for you, please e-mail us [email protected]



Free or subsidised web hosting and/or design is entirely at the discretion of Free web hosting may be limited to the first year, subsequent years, if charged will be at a subsidised rate and agreed upon prior to renewal. Offer may be withdrawn at any time with no less than 28 days notice unless there has been a violation of our general Terms and Conditions available on our homepage.

Increased E-Mail Security

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Our data centre has made some changes to the way you connect to your e-mails, if your e-mails are still working or you use webmail then you are not affected by the below changes as you are already using the secure method of sending / receiving e-mail. The details they have provided are as follows….

Starting today, all SMTP connections will be required to authenticate via TLS. Please update your email client settings to use the SSL/TLS authentication POP3 port 995 (IMAP port 993) and SMTP port 465. Full configuration can be found by visiting cPanel->Email Accounts and clicking More->Configure Email Client for the respective email account.

cPanel Issues – Resolved

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UPDATE 18/8/2014 – cPanel Issues have been resolved, you can now access your cPanel

We are currently experiencing issues with cPanel… This is being investigated by the datacentre and will be rectified as soon as possible.

mHosting Support apologises for any inconvenience.

Service Issues – Update

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Dear Customers

Just a quick update to the issues affecting service over the past couple of days.

The notice regarding service issues is still in place at the datacentre, however, I currently cannot identify any issues with site loading times, so I am assuming, for now, that the issue is resolved.

I will keep an eye out for any new notices regarding the slow websites, and if there are any changes, I will post them on the announcements page and the Latest News section of the site.

Many Thanks


4/5th May Service Issues

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Dear Customers,

It has been highlighted that websites may load slower than usual, this is due to an issue with the Comcast network in the US (This is where our servers are based).

Although neither our ISP or, I can imagine any customers ISP is Comcast, they do carry traffic destined for and travelling via the US, as a result the issues they are experiencing are likely to cause problems for some of the smaller websites hosted from the US.

As far as I am aware, the issues are intermittent, with recent tests demonstrating little to no difference in the time the websites are taking to load, nevertheless, I will continue to monitor the situation and post an update here when I have an update.

Thank You for your patience


Heartbleed Vulnerability

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I would like to assure all clients that the recent vulnerability that has been highlighted in the media known as ‘Heartbleed’ is not present on our servers and you do not need to change your account passwords, your personal details remain secure.


Mark Support

Mail just got easier!

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Accessing mail via the /webmail link can be difficult, it is a bit long-winded and impossible to access behind firewalls in work & schools. has made available a new web-based e-mail client at

You just pop in your e-mail address and password and that’s it, instant access to your e-mails, even behind your usual work or school-based firewall / filters.

The /webmail link is still available, for example if you have to change your password, or set up forwarders.

Our Latest Promotions

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We have some excellent promotions for everybody, click the link below to visit our promotions page, you can also choose ‘Promotions’ from the menu at the top of the site.

Our Promotions Page

Our New Website

Category : Blog is having a revamp, starting with our website with a new logo to follow soon. The Client Area has also been integrated more into the site, this isn’t perfect yet, but we’re working on it, all the functionality is still there, its just a case of getting things to fit right.

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